Surgical Services

At Hanover & District Hospital we have two state-of-the-art surgical suites furnished with innovative technology. Our staff are highly skilled Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses that are certified in Perioperative nursing along with two Registered Nurse First Assistants on staff, enabling us to provide advanced care to our surgical patients.

Surgical Service Nurses

The Surgical Services department supports the Emergency Department and Family Centred Birthing Unit providing patients with efficient, superior surgical care.

An extensive array of open and laparoscopic surgical procedures are performed at Hanover & District Hospital including;

  • Appendix surgeries
  • Bowel surgeries
  • Breast surgeries (including advanced breast cancer surgeries and sentinel lymph node biopsies for breast and melanoma cancers).
  • Carpal tunnel repairs
  • C-Sections
  • Gall bladder surgeries (including intraoperative cholangiogram)
  • Hernia repairs (including incisional, umbilical, inguinal, epigastric, femoral and spigelian)
  • Surgical treatments for skin cancers or other lumps and bumps
  • Thyroid surgeries
  • Tubal ligations
  • Vasectomies

We have the following visiting surgeons; orthopaedic surgeons, an ocular surgeon and a dental surgeon. For a detailed list of specialty procedures please call the Surgical Services Department.

One of our orthopedic surgeons is an upper limb specialist, to add to our list of invaluable surgical services.

We are accepting patients at all times and referrals can come to us from your doctor

Surgical Services provides:

  • On-call service for emergent cases from the Operating Room and Emergency Room
  • Endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures including C-Arm enhanced laparoscopic procedures
  • Care provided by physicians, surgeons, anesthetist, and highly skilled nurses

In-patient Services:

  • Same day admission
  • Pre and post-surgical care of patients.


Out-patient Services:

  • Pre and post-surgical care of patients who go home the same day after surgery
  • Endoscopy program

Pre-anesthetic Questionnaire: