Family Centred Birthing Unit

Family Centred Birthing Unit NursesAt Hanover and District Hospital (HDH) the Birthing Unit is spacious with a home-like atmosphere to provide comfort and relaxation to our mothers and their families. Medical equipment is stored in cabinets to make the design of the rooms more appealing; each room includes a whirlpool labouring tub in a private bathroom. All of our rooms in the unit are the same, focused on family centered care, and our hospital staff do everything they can to make the birthing unit feel like home.

The HDH Family Centered Birthing Team is led by a group of physicians who utilize a team approach with nursing and allied health professionals to provide safe quality care for their patients. Utilizing this approach allows us to draw on multiple experiences and expertise while ensuring a seamless care plan. Our team of nurses and physicians meet weekly to review individual care plans for all prenatal patients attending the Family Centered Prenatal Clinic. Our Birthing Team regularly participates in ongoing training, education and skills review - constantly upgrading their knowledge of obstetrical and neonatal care. 


Please take a few minutes to review what HDH has to offer you and your family and consider us to help grow your family.

HDH Offers:

  • Large birthing suites with ensuite bathrooms including whirlpool labouring tub;
  • FREE prenatal classes with the Hanover Family Health Team;
  • Pre-registration tour of birthing unit 2-3 weeks prior to delivery;
  • Labour/Delivery/Post-partum care with 24 hour rooming;
  • Midwife friendly hospital;
  • Breastfeeding support available by certified lactation consultant;
  • Epidurals available 24/7 along with other pain management options;
  • 24/7 emergency c-section coverage in state of the art surgical suites;
  • Security monitoring system in place for newborn safety; and
  • Return follow-up visit within 48 hours of discharge.

Pain Management:

A 24/7 epidural service is offered at HDH. Pain Management options are reviewed with mothers during prenatal visits. We offer education regarding these options so that mothers are making an informed decision about how they wish to address pain management.

Family Centred Care Unit Birthing Suite


Hanover Family Health Team Prenatal Classes:

Hanover Family Health TeamPrenatal classes are offered free of charge by the Hanover Family Health Team located within HDH. The free classes educate expectant mothers and their support person(s) on what to expect during pregnancy, prenatal nutrition, breastfeeding, preparation for labour and delivery, basic baby care and adjusting to parenthood. For class schedule and contact information please visit the Hanover Family Health Team website.


Midwives Grey BruceExpectant mothers have the option to receive midwife assisted birth at the Hanover & District Hospital, as well as access epidurals. Midwifery enhances our obstetrical program, maintaining patient focused care. Grey Bruce Midwives



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