Ontario Breast Screening Program

November 03, 2023

Did You Know?


  1. HDH is an Ontario Breast Screening Program Site
  2. You can self-refer (average risk - ages 50-74)
  3. HDH now offers Contrast Enhanced Mammography which helps to increase breast cancer detection rate, provides better information about the extent of newly diagnosed breast cancers, and allows effective evaluation for breast cancer treatment planning.


 Hanover & District Hospital offers services for self-referral breast exams through OBSP. OBSP, is a province-wide, organized cancer screening program designed to encourage Ontario residents to get screened. The program screens 2 different groups of people who are eligible for breast cancer screening in Ontario: those at average risk and those at high risk.

We encourage you to get checked, as early detection saves lives.  Women over 50 are eligible for a mammogram every two years through the OSBP program.  No referral is necessary.  To book call (519) 364-2340 ext. 260.


Regular screening is important because it can find cancer early, when treatment has a better chance of working. Research shows that people ages 50-74 who get screened regularly with mammography can lower their chance of dying from breast cancer. See if you are eligible for self-referral and find out more information regarding the OBSP.