Hanover & District Hospital Recognized as an Outstanding Place to Work in Recent Work-Life Pulse Survey

June 08, 2023

Hanover and District Hospital (HDH) proudly announces the results of its latest Work-Life Pulse survey, confirming the hospital's status as an excellent place to work. Conducted among staff and physicians, the survey's findings reveal a widespread consensus that HDH is a highly regarded workplace.
The Work-Life Pulse survey, a renowned questionnaire developed by Accreditation Canada, serves as a reliable measure of work-life experiences for healthcare professionals. By providing valuable insights into organizational performance, it guides the implementation of quality and safety practices. HDH has chosen to utilize Accreditation Canada's questionnaire due to its national recognition and proven track record in gathering data.
According to the survey results, an impressive 94% of staff and 86% of physicians surveyed rated HDH as excellent, very good, or good. These figures demonstrate a notable improvement from last year's already outstanding ratings, where 84% of staff and 86% of physicians considered HDH an excellent, very good, or good workplace.
HDH places a strong emphasis on cultivating a positive culture, aligning it with their strategic plan. In pursuit of this goal, the hospital has implemented a deliberate action plan focused on creating a healthy work environment that values its employees. Dana Howes, President and CEO of Hanover and District Hospital, affirms the significance of this achievement: "We have fostered a truly unique culture at HDH that makes it an exceptional place to work. These results affirm the unwavering dedication of our leadership team, physicians, and staff. We operate as a collaborative team, promoting a warm, safe, and inviting atmosphere. Our priority lies not only in staff retention but also in recruiting the skilled individuals to help us uphold our vision of delivering exceptional care to our patients."
HDH remains committed to prioritizing staff and physician well-being and maintaining its exceptional workplace standards. By continuously nurturing a positive work culture, the hospital aims to create an environment where staff and physicians thrive; ultimately delivering outstanding care to the community, they serve.